About me

Hi! My name is Carol Brook and I would like to welcome you to yet another weird blog.

I’ll be posting stuff about games, books, my writing life and some stuff that just didn’t make sense to me.


What about gaming?

Well, mostly I play horror games, but good action or story-based games are not that bad either
My favorite games
Horror Games: Outlast, Oxenfree, Fran Bow, Five Nights At Freddy’s 1,2 and Sister Location
Action games: Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Alan Wake
Story-based and walking simulator: Life Is Strange, Firewatch and Gone Home
All-time favorite: NHL 09, Heroes III, Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve


Reading stuff you say…


I don’t have that much time to read, but when I do I mostly read dystopia, YA and crime books.
YA and Dystopia: The 5th Wave (franchize), The Maze Runner (1st book), Insurgent, Catching Fire, The 100
Crime: Career of Evil, I’m traveling Alone, The Farm, One of us is lying
All-time favorite: Harry Potter franchize, Stardust, Stay with me, Fables


Do you even write?

Well in my life I’ve finished two books, both in my native language (Czech), but in some time, I hope I will be able to translate them into English. But for now, I’m working on my new idea “Puzzle Stories

It’s an idea how to stay in the writing mood, but at the same time not finishing my third book (procrastination forever!). Every week I choose some papers and then put all of the items, people, events, places and time periods in one story. And everything has to fit like puzzle pieces together


If you have any questions, suggestions or you find some grammer mistake (you know second language, it’s harder than it looks :D) in my posts just send it to me on info@verifiedweird.cz or DM me on my social media.