Choices in video games

The realy title was Choices in video games (can you really influence the story?), but it was too long soooo… It’s another week so that means another blog posts. Last week I decided to show something more about how my brain works, but this time I’m going back to gaming world. But don’t worry I’ll be showing more of my thinking so be prepared. And warning there will be spoilers for Life Is Strange ahead.

By the time I started playing again I was playing a few games that were very cheap and no “big” games (poor student you know). But after some time I fell in love with game called Life Is Strange. I was totally thrown out by the mechanics, no the rewinding time part, but the choices, that you actually could make a decision in the game. But is it really true? Can you make a difference? Sure you can save Kate, but if you play it like me like 6 times you discovered that there is always a way how you can get to the next part without her. And the biggest disappointment was the ending. The moment you realized that all that you’ve been doing was worthless. That with one simple decision you can all swipe it away (haha point for you if you get this one :D) or you can leave all behind and just walk away.

Choices in video games are not that rare thing. There are TellTale games, there is coming Detroit Become Human, and you can make decisions in Fallout and The Witcher and lot more games. Some games really do have 3-5 endings depending of what you choose thought the whole game. But in the end is still ending that someone made up. Somebody already thought of the chooses that you can make, so its like solving a puzzle. It doesn’t matter how you get to the ending the end will be same. The only thing that matters is how you look at the end. I want to point out that even Batman from Telltale the season 1 try to be another amazing game, there is a lot of decisions that don’t matter to the story and that is in gaming company that depends of this mechanism a bit crappy.

My point is, that it is actually amazing be able to make decisions for the character, be bad or good, save someone or choose greater good. But at the end, there always will be end, you never can choose happy ending, because there will be always a side that would not be happy with your decisions. It’s funny how I always (if the game let’s you, TellTale Games have a timer) take so much time to decide. But in real life, you can have too much time to decide. There always will be something or someone that makes you decide quickly. You take so much time to decide for fictional character and then try to make up to your decisions. You have to defend your decisions in front of yourself but at the end, you are the one ending the game, saving it and starting it later. Why doesn’t people take more time when they are choosing about their future? Why they have to decide so quickly? After the day you decide, you can not save and go back to the previews checkpoint (it would be amazing, but too bad). Everyone in these days are so in a rush to get something done, need a coffee, need to take out the trash, need to call to someone, and they are deciding to quickly, that they don’t even think about the consequences that the quick decision can have.

So take more time to decide when you are in front of a big questions. If someone ask you if you want a coffee or another beer or a steak always say yes. 😀 But if someone ask you to do something that you are not 100% okay with just say that you need more time to decide, they will accept it and maybe even they get the point.

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