Fight It With Creativity

Welcome to my project


What is the project about?

It’s simple, I’m a person fighting with depression and anxiety had enough so I start doing something with how I felt. Now I’m so far from that deep hole where I was so I can help others to feel the same joy, happiness and calm as I do. I know sometimes it’s hard, I know that feeling. Depression just won’t go away, it’s not flu that you can sleep from it always be there in the back of your head. But the most important thing is what will you do with it. Do you just let it roll over you or you fight it? Please choose to fight and maybe this book will help you with it.

How to participate in the project?

You can choose how will you participate.

The first option is the „self-help“ book, that you can print out.

The second option is using the # and raising the awareness.

Of course, I’ll be glad if you do both and share your awesome work with the book and actually starting to see the light on the end of the tunnel. This project is primarily about raising awareness about mental health issues like depression, anxiety and so on, because of the bad look from the society or ignoring it at all. I’ll be glad if you tag me in your posts as well. 🙂

How to work with the book

Just simply download the book from here in format A4 x A5 and print it out. It’s totally free so don’t worry! I’m trying to help you and the help should be free, don’t you think? If you don’t like some page or bubbles just text me and I can modify it to your personal preferences. If you think that the book is missing something just send me an email on or message me on my social media! If you have no idea what to write in the book, check out the guide!


If you print out the book please share it also on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram so on) with #FightItWithCreativity and tell others. Because you’ll never know who else might need this help and if they see you trying to do something with your mental state, maybe they find the courage to fight it too.

But the project doesn’t stop here. Use the hashtag and if you need help if you need to talk use the hashtag or tag me on your post and I will try to do my best to help. When you feel down, need someone to talk to or just want to say hi. I’m here for you if you need me!

Download here A4 x A5