Horror games and why you have to at least try them

I got to the horror games genre when I was 16. At that time was out just a few “big” good horror games like Amnesia and Outlast. By that time I got to experience even the world of lets plays. I remember that the first lets play I saw was on the game “Among the sleep” by I kid you not I don’t even remember who he was. I just remember it was a guy and I fell in love with the horror games. The second horror lets’play was on the game “Fingerbones” an indie short game, that was so well made, that got me wanted more. In this time I started to watch my favorite YouTubers The Bowlingotter show. Some months past and I was in the horror game genre so deep that I was looking on videos every day and I was watching like 3 big YouTubers every day and waiting for another video with so many expectations.

By now, I think I saw at least the most of the horror games tropes and play a bit a few of them. My Steam library by now has more than 150 games and like 50% of it are horror games. My personal best is the first Outlast, completed Five Nights At Freddy’s 1,2 and Sister Location, Until Dawn and Alan Wake. I remember the first time I downloaded Outlast to my computer. Every other % that was finished I was more and more scared. The game was download, installed and I only had to hit start. There the fun ended. The first time, the game crashes and I for some reason couldn’t start. I said that this has to be karma. I really don’t want to play it that much and I’m scared to even looking at the icon on my desktop. After like a week I decided I would give it another chance. I played on my laptop with keyboard and mouse and after like 15 minutes I had to close it because I was too scared. Some time passed and I bought x-box 360 controller for PC. I loaded Steam and browse through games that are supported by the controller. Outlast showed on the list and I said “I remember I was scared, but I don’t remember how much” so I started the downloading process one more time. And….

First I want to tell you a few my experiences playing Outlast. You play as a reporter and you don’t have any weapon and the wonderful mechanism that make this game even scarier is that you have a camera with night vision. Yeah, can you imagine looking at someone running to you with a big machete with that green tint? Yeah I know it would be scary even without the camera, but believe me, nothing is scarier in horror games, than staying in the dark and waiting for someone or something to find you. So you are investigation a mysterious mental institution (well there can nothing go wrong, right? right?) As you can guess there is a lot of “people” from who you have to run, hide or hope they are not that crazy and actually let you go past them. Not only you are scared to turn every corner or like me scared to even open the locker that you’ve been hiding in for like 20 minutes because of that horrible music that kicked in. You have to look for batteries because your camera battery can last like 2 minutes (yep, exactly like the normal batteries last long), that are so amazingly hidden, that you have to run around like a maniac and check every centimeter. When we are at the running part of the game. A lot, a lot of times in this game you have to run from someone. So you are running and then there is a window, table or even a bed that you have to hop over in order to run away. And at this time I like 5 times almost crush the controller between my hands, because simply (and all of the gamers will understand this) the buttons wouldn’t work! (Yeah, it’s the controller fault, not mine) By the time I was running from someone I discovered an amazing thing that made me not delete the game completely. After like half of hour that I was trying slowly to get to next area they found me and decided to just run for it. I got to the checkpoint and then immediately die (yeah, it’s making me angry even thinking about it) BUT! It saved at the newest point and without the enemy! So hurray! I have to confess that like 2-3 times I used this tactic to get there faster even I have to die immediately after hitting the checkpoint. Yeah Shame on me.


After 5 hours I was finished with the game. I kid you not, that I was the whole 5 hours sitting and playing until it ends. I was so relieved that I finally finished it and the addiction really started. I wanted to be scare more and have that awesome feeling after beating the game with the feeling of accomplishing fighting my fears.


A lot of people are scared of something, I fear heights, clowns, close spaces and lot more. But fear in real life is not similar to the fears in video games. If you are scared s***les just thinking about playing horror game you never played a good one and finished it. There are a lot of bad horror games, that makes you smile so hard at the idea of scaring you or making you angry because it’s so bad it doesn’t even work. For example, if you want to have a look on some bad horror games try One Late Night (this one is actually a little bit scary, but if you manage through, the second part will be worth every minute – One Late Night Deadline). Then I recommended Wooden House or Lex Mortis. Every one of them you can watch here!
But if you want to be truly scared try Alien Isolation, Outlast, Phobia, Bunker 16 or Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 or 2. I’m sure that at least one will scare you, but the feeling of finishing it is absolutely priceless.


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