I need to pay what?

A lot of us gamers know the struggle when new game is coming out. Like 80% of the regular gamers can’t afford it. The 50% of those percent still buy it for the full price and me and the 30% are jealous of those people. Yeah I’m looking at you Far Cry 5, the new upcoming Spiderman. And if you stay until the end I can tell you where you can spare a loooot of money on games!

You know I as a poor student can’t effort new AAA games when they come out. I simply don’t have like 60 bucks lying in my pocket waiting to throw away. Why am I saying thrown away. Because I think I’m a real gamer for almost 4 years now. That means I know what is trending, played most of the best games and actually is spending money on those games. (My Steam library has like 150 games and my PS is recently growing to 20). The thing is, that I hate that some people just wait until they can download it on some torrent. But that’s a story for another day. 😀

Where I want to go with this post is the price of the games. It’s really hard to keep your credit card of the stores because you can’t simply live without the new item in your library. The point is where is guaranteed that you pay the 60 bucks for new shiny, awesome, best reviewed game and it will doesn’t suck? You don’t have any guarantee! We can tell that by a few examples. The well known No Man’s Sky, Battlefront 2, Shadow of Mordor, Tom Clancys’s Devision and so on…

The point is that you DON’T have to pay the full price! No I’m not telling you right now that I have a magic trick that you get the games for free or with discount. But If you wait couple months or maybe a year you can buy it at least 50 % of this price. The reason why I’m little salty about this topic is that I paid for a few games for full price and it is now on the bottom of my library. And the game that I got after months and with like 30-80% sale are the best games that I’ve ever played. (I’m looking especially at you Rocket League {not saying that is a bad game I just don’t like it – you know the hype train was so big}) And why YOU should wait? I have 3 reasons.

  1.  You save a loooot of money
  2. There are tons of reviews, let’s plays, game talks about the game. You have a looooot more information then from the developer (shiny trailers, 5/5 reviews from some paid gamers), then before. So you can take a good amount of time to decide if you want it or not.
  3. The game will still be there!
    It’s not like the game will magically disappear after week or two. But if it did you can tap your shoulder and be proud on saving those money. The game will be there in like a years after the release.

And here is something that I want to show you. A few days ago a little start-up from Tbilisi in Georgia contacted me if I want to write about their start-up. And I’m here like hell yes! I love little start-ups! And this one is about gaming, the team is mostly women (yeah I’m all about the girl power! 😀 ) it’s free! So it’s a win-win! 😀

It’s mostly about PC games, but you can find there some X-box and PS games too! I’m right now looking on the SM Civilization V for (294.93) and that’s a great deal.

The page is called Key Hub and its about comparing price of games from so many websites, so you can get the best price and on a single place! Doesn’t that sound awesome?  Go check out the website and maybe you find there the one game that you’ve been flirting with so long. So now excuse me I have to calculate how much money I could have knowing this website waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay earlier.

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