So here are some tips on how to work with the book. You can find here some inspiration 🙂 of course, you can work with the book in your way, it’s up to you 🙂


Who am I?

It’s simple you can stick here your photo, write about your hobbies, about your personality. Everything that makes you YOU. And that’s the best part, you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you. 🙂

Currently, I’m

Here you will write about what are you currently reading, listening to, what is your favorite meal and drink at the time. Here is a tip, you can divide it into two columns and in like a year came back and fill it with current data. It might be interesting to compare it 😀

Day, Week, Month and Year goals

Everyone has a bad habit, that we want to get rid of, or even develop some healthy habit or something like that. Here you can find some tips on what to write here:

Day goals:
– Eat one fruit
– Drink at least 2,5 l of water
– Max 2 coffee per day

Week goals:
– Limit the junk food
– Cook more and better cook some healthy food
– Go to the gym

Month goals:
– Save some money for the summer trip
– Make at least one long trip
– Spend one weekend with family

Years goals:
– Finish successfully school, college, semester
– Read 20 books
– Spend holidays on mountains

In 5 years I will

For some of you one of the easiest pages, for someone the hardest. It’s okay to not know what you will do. But this page isn’t just about the work etc. It’s about your position in life. Do you want to still live in this apartment, do you want to have a new car or you want to display your art in some gallery? It’s up to you.

Life goals

This one is different than the previous, it’s more to the future. Do you want to have your dream job, or the American dream (big house, garden, wood fence, dog and two childer), do you want to travel the world. It’s your life and you should enjoy it because you have one chance 🙂

Top 5 of

Do you read, play games, listen to music, running, playing football etc. Then you have on 100% some sort of list of the tops. Make your own Top 5 or if you can’t decide like me of the Top 5 make two columns and boom you have a top 10 😀

Wishlist x Bucket list

A lot of people are interchanging these two. Wishlist is about material things, that you can buy, make, get. The bucket list is mostly about memories that you can make.

– Have all of the albums of your favorite singer
– Buy your dream gaming computer
– Have a Polaroid camera
– etc.

Bucket list
– Visit America
– Fly in a ballon
– Swim under the waterfall
– etc.

10 negative and positive things

I don’t think I need to say something here. You can look at it from a lot of perspectives. It can be personalities, things that are happening or something material. Like they are no longer making the one flavor of ice cream that you fell in love with 😀


What makes my day

Take a moment to think about what can make your worst day brighter in a second. Is it someone who you love? Coffee with friends? You favorite youtube video, that you know word by word but yet still you play it like twice a day. This page is for the days that are dark as the night, that you can come back to and get inspiration for how to cheer up.

I’m happy for

Is it someone special, your family, friends, the sun that comes up every day no matter how bad it looks?

My inspiration

Everyone has something that inspires them. Celebrity, fictional character, mother, father, friend, someone you love. Try write who inspires you and how.

Things that changed my life

Sometimes something happens and it changes your life. It can be positive or negative. But remember every negative thing can help you be better next time.

What am I proud of?

Did you graduate, read the longest book in the world, get a driving license? For example, I’m proud of my first book, driving license, my family and loved ones and of course this project.

Bad words

Since you were little they told you that there are words that you not supposed to say. And they were right because words can hurt much more than a fist in your face. So next time when you will want to say something bad to someone write it here instead. You’ll spear at least some evening thinking about it, „I shouldn’t have said that“

Favorite activities

Reading, playing video games, running, running from being adult, photo shooting, collecting something. Don’t be afraid and write about even the little things that you do in your „me time“.

The happiest and worst memories

It’s up to you

My Fears

Everybody fears something. Spiders, snakes, heights, the color blue.. yeah there are a lot. For me is heights, deep water, closed spaces and more 🙂

Bad habits

Do you smoke, drink, eat chocolate everytime you in stress?

My excuses

It’s too hot, it’s too cold, I don’t have time, it’s too far, it’s too much and so on and so on.. What are your excuses?

Messages from people who cared about me

This is the only page, that you will not participate in. Grab the book, paper or something and give it to the people who you love and care about and let them write something. And when the time comes you will know, that these people are here for you!


Is there something missing in the bubbles that you want to write about? So here you have a chance 🙂

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