The Division 2 Beta full review

So as you may know or not (I posted a hell of a lot of that on my ig stories 😀 sorry for that) I played the Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Open Beta. And here is my full review on the experience that I had.

Right from the start it took a lot of time to download even for beta is like 45 GB (the same size has Spyro The Reignited Trilogy) so that means not only the game will be full online need to be but I assume it will take a lot and I mean a lot of space on your disk. While I play on 500 GB PS4 its a lot for me 😀

We got over the loading, checking for the available server and are in the game… Wau what an intro. This caught me really of guard. When I open a new game I tent to get more distractive, because lately, games don’t have that good of an intro. It’s really well made, just say you what you absolutely need to know, no little details etc. Go check it out for yourself.

For those of you who don’t know what The Division is. It’s basically cover based 3rd person shooter with an open world. The world is stormed by a virus and you as one of the left agents on the world have to save the city. The first game was based in New York, the second one is in Washington DC. But that like all I know. When the first one came out it was a disaster even though I was soooo excited for it, I never had the chance to play that. So here I’m now with like 20 hours of gameplay on The Division 2.

I will say that in the early hours of my playing I was feeling more like in Far Cry 5. You are a silent protagonist who has to save the city. So basically you get to one point of the map shoot all the bad guys and then move somewhere else. But that might be my addiction to that game 😀 But it’s made from the same studio sooo…

It looks amazing! The graphics are great. I really enjoyed the navigation system. Instead of just a pint in front of you, there is a line in the air guiding you through the city.

It’s really rewarding to go from the main street. Even in the smallest corners, you are able to find some loot, which then will help to craft items, level your bases or help control points to guard the city.

I had so much fun in the early levels, you just are discovering the city, shooting bad guys and finding stuff, it’s a cool premise but when you start to level up it gets worse when you play alone. I can imagine playing it with a bunch of friends and getting shit done. But alone.. it just doesn’t work. The enemies level up with you and they get better, but in my case, I didn’t. I was still the lousy shooter that can properly aim with a controller and experiencing the „end game“ stuff (new missions after you finish the whole game) was in one world heartbreaking. You are alone facing like 40 dudes that have health in 5000 and one of your bullets can get like 300. In the meantime they getting to you from behind, sending drones and turrets on you, launching grenades etc. So after like 3rd try I needed to left.

I will not talk a lot about the bugs I experienced, because its beta and the servers are overwhelmed, I even at one point couldn’t even find an available server. There is nothing that I can say that others didn’t already report.

One of my most problems was icons on the map. It was showing me that there is something but when you are in the 5-floor building you have no idea where it is. It was working in some of the places but the most time, I was running around like an idiot trying to find the thing that I even will not use.

Another thing that was cool and funny was the showing of loot boxes, suitcases, backpack etc. It will highlight orange, but since this is a beta (or it was in the first game, again I don’t know, never played that one) It will highlight the area around it even sometimes add to the elevator some grass for good measure. It was a bit distracting in the first few times, but then I got used to it.

So lastly I will say. If you have friends to play this with, go check it out. If are a lone wolf like me, this game might not be for you. You can matchmake with other single players but we all know how that ends. But overall it’s a great looking game, with a great story, believable characters, and so much potential.

So I’m giving this game 4 stars! And will I buy it? Not right now, but maybe one day in the future.

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