Top 4 cliche that every writer is guilt for

Writing is a hobby like every other and in every hobby, everyone invented almost everything. So even in writing world, where the only limits are your imagination, is hard to stay original. If you want to see the little inside of writing process, lets read about the 4 things, that at least cross the mind of every writer.


1 – The love triangle
The number one chlietché is obviously the magical love triangle. You know the lead character fall in love with his/her friend while dating someone else. Or my favorite two guys/girls are fighting over one girl and he/she just can’t decide who’s the better, the third option is that the lead character is trying to get over someone with someone else, but after they start dating the new friend the previous is slowly crawling back to the scene. And why everyone is using this method of love? Because it can make a pretty story with good drama, action and my favorite, fans has to choose to which side they are going to root for. Because everyone is remembering some triangles Katniss/Peeta/Gale the triangle from the Pearl Harbor or Harry/Hermione/Ron (I know this one is not canon, but you mean to tell me that at any point of the story, Harry didn’t love Hermione or Hermione didn’t think of Harry more than a friend… that’s from my point of view bulls**** and obviously the better pair will be Hermione and Harry)

2 – Copying other characters
In this world is hard to be original, when someone already did the idea that you thought is so original. Yeah I know that feeling, 2 hours of research, buying a new book and one of my favorite ideas was thrown into trash (yep 150 pages of my book, gone). But back to the copying other writers. You know that you love one character so much that you are trying to find same personal values or even might start to look like and act like the character. That is similar with writing, every time you are trying to create a new character in your head you are cycling through the personalities that you know and after 2 hours of hard work you are done, you put in the desks and your happy with yourself. After some time you came to realize that she looks like Clarke Griffin, act like Tris and think like Hermione.

3 – Putting themselves as characters
Everyone even if they don’t admit it to you, want to get a little famous, especially writers, wants to have their name on thousands and maybe millions of copies with their name and might on the big screen. So it’s normal that writers put them self in the shoes of one of the characters for numbers of reasons. The big plus is that you don’t have to think that hard about how the character thinks, how he/she will answer the big question, because you just can think what you will do in the situation. The other reason can be, that the writer is not happy with themself, so they are making the character stronger, smarter or something else, that they have a lack of. So your not that smart, boom you are the number one to who everyone is coming for advice. Are you not popular? Boom you are the leader of the sports team. and so on.

4 – Killing the most favorite character
If you are like me, you are having some sort of theme or story that the book is going to be about. I personally know how it will start, how it will end and maybe like 3-4 important things that has to happen. The other 80% of the story is written straight out of my mind. But in some point you have to had the story-breakthrough, something so important, that it will lead to greater good or that the characters have the motivation to move on. And what is the one thing that drive you insane and make what to do anything? Obviously it’s revenge. And obviously you have to kill someone important for the story or better the significant other to one of the lead characters. (I know it’s important, sometimes you are starting with the idea who is going to die, but every time I remember that one of my most favorite characters is dead, made me think if I want to read the book or see the show again and go through the pain one more time. But at the end we all have to admit that some characters just deserve to die, yeah I’m looking at you Voldemort.

So I hope you liked this post, in my mind is building an idea that I will write some shorts stories every week. What do you think? Would you like this type of posts? And what do you think about this one? Should I do more top 4 (yep, because I’m not like everyone else so I have to write in 4 or 9 bullet points) about writing? Let me know, have a nice Sunday and remember it’s just another day to write your story.

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