TOP 4 weird things in video games

Last week we discovered 4 things about writing, this week it’s gaming time. Better weird gaming time, you are on a weird blog after all. Did you ever think about how games these days are trying to be so realistic, but in some cases it just won’t work.

1 – I got shot? So I just wait behind this wall until it heals itself
One of the weirdest things in video games are the healing mechanics. I know how hard would the game get if you just had one life and never have the option to heal. When you once got shot you’re dead. It would be interesting game mechanic and probably a rage game material, but that’s story for another day. Let’s focus on today topics. Did you ever got shot stand behind a cover and it magically heal itself? No? Well probably you are a real person and not a video game character. It’s funny how games these days are trying to be more and more realistic with graphics, mechanics, talking options and responses. But this and lot more that we will cover today is just out of the real. There is a lot of ways of healing mechanics. For example in old games that I used to play there was always a spot on the map, where you have to go, stand there for a minute and you magically was healed. Now is there a lot of med pack, syringes, herbs and a lot more. But one of my most favorite is from Resident Evil, where the healing mechanism is that you have to pour the healing water all over your hand and you are magically healed. Last time I spill my cough syrup on my hand it didn’t work. So…

2 – Endless pockets
Another weird thing is how many things you can carry around and still have space to more crap or in the better case no pockets at all. For example in some games, you can choose the visuals of your armor. Like for girls there is a bikini armor (about the power of protection, I don’t want to start, because I can rage about that for days, because everything that the characters needs its just bikini, because its a girl?… oh there I go.. so lets go back to the topic). For example I’m a stealth killer, so I don’t need a lot of things in my pocket, you can get me a knife or a sniper rifle and with it I could go through the entire game without spending a lot on big and powerful guns, yet I’m still buying all of them, ammo fot them, modification and traps (I know I should use them, but most of the time I screw up and lay it somewhere where it doesn’t work, so I just don’t use them). But back to the point, at the end of the game I have the full inventory of things I didn’t use, because I simply didn’t have the need to use them and every time I found something new I have to drop something that I that desperately needed like 4 hours ago.

3 – We couldn’t do this until you came around
The point of you being a hero is a big premise of a lot of games. And it made a perfect sense, if they wouldn’t need you, they didn’t call you or you just be another citizen, standing around say one line over and over again (in big games some of them can get up to 3 lines, or wait for it, they can even go somewhere :O). But how much it’s this area fucked up, that none of the soldiers, citizen or someone never have the courage to do something, but when the big monster come crushing your town, there are here to help you take it down. Now they can fight? But the couldn’t before?

4 – He was just here, I think he just vanished, let’s look somewhere else.
As I said before, I’m better in stealth then rampaging in the battlefield and start killing everyone and everything that moves. Yeah, I’m bad at fast healing, most of the times, I just got so lost in the gameplay and trying to swing the big sword so much, that I forgot to look on how am I doing on health so I die like 2 seconds after. So when is there an option to go stealth killing I’m on it. I played a lot of Tom Clancy’s Blacklist, where you play like a secret agent, trying to get down a big group of terrorist (yep another game cliche). But most of the time I hide from another ten soldiers that I triggered by pushing a wrong button on my controller. So I climb up a wall and just hangs there until they just give up. Because even I just was there, I suddenly vanished into thin air, even I’m like 3 meters above their heads, waiting until there is just one guy so I can sneak kill him from above. That brings me to another point. If I was a soldiers on patrol and found a dead body, I would ring the alarm and start going to look for the one who killed him. Yet some AI (Artificial intelligence, this is making the video game characters think) just walk past them and don’t notice them, some starts to look around, but if they don’t see someone in like 30 seconds they give up and go back to their pots.

So that’s my TOP 4 (because everyone is doing TOP 5 or TOP 10, so I just have to be different) weird things in a video game. I hope that even non-gamers got the points and I make this time worthwhile and even might make them laugh. Have a great time, and next week you can be exited for “Horror games and why you have to at least try them”. So stay tuned and don’t forget, it’s just another day to write your story!

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