What is going on in Fran Bow? Part 2 – The theory

The story in Fran Bow is heavy influenced by the things that a child can imagine and how bad can mental disorders get. We can find bits of math, physics and so on. It’s point-and-click adventure game after all. If you didn’t play the game or not even saw a lets’play (I recommend GT Live or Markiplier). Read before this theory my wrap up. Are you caught up? Good, so let’s go back to the theory. Did you ever think about that the Fran Bow game is being a religion influenced game?

I know, I know but, hear me out. If you played the game or watch some playthrough, you witness the dark Kamalas and the pure Valokas. The spirits that either helps you or want to kill you. So basically like every other game. And if you remember, you can defeat the Kamalas by water. Familiar? I know this is a stretch, but do you remember with what most of the demons are summoned away? By the holy water perhaps? BUT the water thing doesn’t end there. Late in the game, when you are dealing with the Wizards tasks you came across a few Valokas which are welcoming a new member. And the new member is purified by water. Again, sounds familiar? What about christening?

Influencing this game with religion doesn’t end here. Do you remember there are 5 realities? The 1st is Ithersta and the 5th reality is a home of mother Mabuka. So you mean to tell me that there is one place where everyone lives in peace, the place is filled with the pure spirits and everything is amazing. But on the other hand, we had the place, that is covered with sadness, fear, destroyed souls and demons. Hmmm. Do you see my point? Yep! It’s exactly like Heaven and Hell. Fran is from 3rd reality that represents the world and the other 2 realities the good or bad, depends on which of either the 1st or 5th you are closer and what Fran see in her hallucinations. In my opinion when she sees something happy (yeah that didn’t happen that often) pure spirits or somebody is trying to help her, you are closer to the 1st reality. If she sees the Kamalas and other horrible things (like 80% of the game, the other 20% you spend in either Ithersta reading that book or playing the tic tac toe with the snail) you are closer to the 5th reality.

But coming back to other important pieces of the story. Like Aunt Grace, we haven’t seen her that much so that brings a lot of questions. If you start thing back the pieces start to fit together. Fran’s Mother and Grace are twins. If Fran has an evil twin, that would explain two things. First the fixation of Dr. Oswald (who sewed Mia and Clara together) on doing experiments on Fran. I want to point out, that the game is put in a time of 1944, in this time experiments on people was a totally normal thing. Glad that times is long time over. BUT! The thing that Fran has a twin, would explain also the biggest question, which is who killed her parents. If Fran has an evil twin, who obviously didn’t grow up with her, there is a possibility, that aunt Grace found the Fran’s twin pass her to her “amazing” boyfriend, let him do some tests, makes her crazy a sent her to kill her sister and her husband. Also, that would explain why everyone thinks that Fran Bow kills them and maybe her mental meltdown, because she actually saw “herself” killing them.
Going along with the important themes of twins. Fran’s mother and daughter are from twins. Who’s left? Yeah, aunt Grace and did we see other twins in the game? Yeah, exactly Mia and Clara. If Fran’s mother can have twins why Grace can’t have them too? She is working with Dr. Oswald for a long time now, so she could let him do experiments on them. Another big thing about the Mia and Clara thing is that in the house you can see a lot of familiar things, that shows almost through the whole game. For example, there is a picture of Remor and Itward in their house. Gramophone records of Antonio (the talking ant) and a picture of the house on a little island exactly like Clara and Mia’s house and a lot more.

Obviously we can now tell that Grace is not a mother of the year, she let some crazy doctor do experiments on her own children, from my point of a view she has to be in some sort of cult, that would explain the creepy room she’s having and a lot of the religion mentions, that we discovered earlier. There is actually cult that is worshiping a creature that looks like Remor, but that is another thing and I would rather not dive into this more, then I had to in the time I was researching the game.

So to wrap things up this is my final thought. Fran saw her evil twin kill her parents, hoped on a bike, crashed, almost froze to death. Her amazing aunt Grace, said “hey, this is a great opportunity, now that we have them both, let’s say that she is dead and we can do some science on them *evil laugh*” (just a quick thought, aunt Grace sent the twin to kill her own sister and her husband, because they would let her and her crazy boyfriend make Fran looked like the twoheaded orc). So now Dr. Oswald is having them both and first did them lobotomy, that they would be willing to participate in his experiments (that would explain the hallucinations and that she later can’t say what is reality and what is not) and after the failing procedure, Fran is in coma, and she is imagining some happy place like Ithersta. After she couldn’t handle the pain anymore she chooses the happiness over the pain and flies on Palontras back, back to Ithersta to be finally happy.

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  1. Did Fran really kill her parents? If she did, she was mentally unstable, I guess? Was she living in asylum before? (I’m talking about the part with small Fran) Is kitty dead (body in coffin)? 🙁 Why he couldn’t talk anymore? Did she die in the ending? Are aunt Grace and dr Oswald dead? And please, don’t say things like you will have to answer it yourself , my curiosity is hungry for answers 🙁

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