Why nobody knows what they want?

I’m a little sentimental so yet again I’m writing. Not, that I don’t have someone to talk to, I have. And I’m so happy that I have them, but this is something different. I need to have it on “paper” to be able to see more sense in this.

I don’t know what this will be and I know this is not my usual post so.. I better go to it, then brag about it.

Why in this world with so many choices, nobody knows what they want?

Maybe you already know where I’m going with this. It’s the sea of options. A long ago and I mean a really long time ago we had a few options. You were born into a farming family, you were destined to be a farmer, your dad was a shoemaker, well going around bared foot wasn’t an option. I think you know what I mean. In this time even choosing a high school takes months because there are so many.

I can take hours to decide if I want a toilet paper with flowers or the one that I have nightmares everytime that I’m using it. Yeah, I’m talking about the one with puppies or bears. Who? Who? Who wants to.. with a puppy?

What I want to say is, if you don’t know what you want, it’s totally normal. Nobody in this world knows what they really want. The most percent of us are on some designed path and are following it, until we change it or someone else does. Everyone once in a while has the feeling that if they don’t know it (what they want or who they want to be in the future) they can’t function. You just need to know. You have to be able to fall asleep and wake with the feeling that your life is on the right path and you know what you want. BUT THAT’S NOT THE CASE.

Just stop thinking too much.

I know the point of not knowing is slowly killing you, but you have to remember one thing. It takes time. You know like when you’re browsing through all the movies that you can watch, but yet, in the end, watching the same one that you word by word. Going through the shop yet to find the one item that you were buying for months, even there are like 10 others that are exactly the same. You know why are you at the end completely fine with your decision? Because the last thought after the rain of every little thing that can cross your mind, that is the idea that you need. The one that comes after the rain. So go watch the same show as you do in the past years, read, go jog, draw, anything. Keep yourself busy. The thought that you are so desperately waiting for will come. So give it some time it will come.

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